Thursday, December 14, 2006

Questions for the Jar part 3

Wow, sites with baking tips sure see an increase in traffic the closer to Christmas you get. It's amazing! I'm noticing some queries that I have thought I should answer.....

1. How do you freeze cookies?

Firstly, I don't mix the types of cookies in the container or they will all taste the same. The drier, crisper ones will suck the moisture from the softer ones and they will all taste weird. So rule #1-don't mix them. I generally just put the cookies in an airtight container once they are at room temperature, and put it in the freezer. For stickier ones like the Black Forest Cherry Cookies, I put some wax paper between the layers. They should last up to a month.

2. How long does frozen cookie dough last?

I would say about a month or two. Once you thaw it, bake it.

3. What do I buy a 10/11/12 year old boy for Christmas?

My child may have a 'different' sort of Christmas list, but keep in mind that I know his friends and I work with this age group. Some popular items......depending on what the kid is into.....

-coupons to rent DVDs with some candy/junk food
-Movie passes
-Music (either IPOD and a card to buy music, or CDs)
-remote control toys
-Lego...Technic and Star Wars are very big this year, Mindstorms are pricey but hot too.
-Science kits-the grosser, messier, the better
-books...Inkheart, Artemis Fowl, Silverwing, are all popular
-gadgets...Kevin has a cool atomic clock he loves, etc.
-a watch
-sports equipment
-computer/video games
-art supplies
-bike accessories
-board games

Any other readers out there with boys this age want to add anything? Go for it in the comments section!

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