Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas to Me!

I've had my suspicions over the last week. There's been humming and hawing over digital cameras, with Hubs adamantly insisting, "you're NOT getting one!" while guiltily changing the computer screen from online shopping to a game of solitaire.

"Hey, that's fine. I'm totally thrilled with the jacket I got. Really! Don't buy me anything else!"

Trust me, I am. Only since we bought the jacket, I have had to stand outside almost every single day, Monday to Friday, supervising kids in the pouring rain. I stand there, shivering as my hair becomes plastered to my head from the rain, and all I can think of is that jacket. It's silently taunting me from under the Christmas tree.

Must-not-open-the-jacket-before-Christmas has become my playground mantra, because once you can't feel your toes anymore, and you are completely soaked and shivering, that nice waterproof jacket (with a hood even) begins to look pretty tempting. I come home and it's sitting there neatly wrapped under the tree, mocking me.

Open me open me open me open me open me open me......................

So I should have been a little surprised when Hubs called me yesterday from the city.

"Uh...sweetie, they don't have the digital camera you want at the Wal-mart here."
"Huh? Camera? What are you talking about? I thought I wasn't getting one."
"Merry Christmas. Can you phone the other Wal-marts in town and see if they have one in stock, and if they do, put it on hold?"


"I'm shopping for my own gift?"
"Well I can't find it and I'm on a business have more time...I need help! Please?"

Now, I don't mind doing the legwork for my own gift, to be honest. Let's be serious here-it's a camera that I would probably be willing to do..ummm...a lot for. A few phone calls? No prob.

I didn't really count on Walmart's voice mailbox automated help thingy. I so HATE those things. There I was, trying to make dinner, Jake is calling me on our walkie talkies, and I'm trying to remember to press 2 or 4. Oops! I hit 4-automotive department. No, I don't need tires or an oil change. Try again, listen to the stupid blah blah blah of the greeting.......hmm. Would be nice if they'd answer the phone. Oh, okay, I'll hold. It's only been ringing for what, 10 minutes? I'm sorry you're the only person in the electronic's department. Well okay, I lied. I'm not sorry.

20 minutes pass, and I finally hang up without an answer. This might be harder then I thought.

Eight stores and two hours later I was no closer to finding a camera, but I did get my name put down to order one. When I told the clerk that I didn't need it by Christmas day, the sigh of relief on the other end was audible.

"How'd you do, honey?" Hubs came through the door and looked at me expectantly.
"No luck."
"Well, let's just go over there on the weekend."
"Weekend? City? Shopping? This close to Christmas? Are"
"Do you want the camera?"


"Shall I make a ferry reservation?"

I think I've officially lost my mind now.

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