Saturday, December 30, 2006

Boys on Bratz

Jake and I were walking through the toy section at a store here recently, checking out all the Christmas stock. Suddenly we got to the end of the aisle and while I was looking at some Lego thing I hear him chirp,

"Oh look Mom! Hookers on skates!"

He was looking at these Bratz dolls to the right....

....where the clothes actually match the whole skating thing-I think he was thinking more of the regular Bratz dolls.

The last batch we saw were the "I Candy" Line, which really offended him. Yes. A 10 year old boy. Horrified.

"Don't people know what "eye candy IS?" he squealed. "How could they dress them up like that and then call them that? That's just gross! It's disgusting! It's just...just... WRONG on so many levels!"

Good thing he doesn't have a little sister, hey?

Edited to Add....
I had forgotten to put in the quotation marks for the quote from my son, so it looked like *I* was saying that Bratz were "wrong on so many levels." It wasn't me-it was my 11 year old. I haven't ever discussed Bratz with him, he came up with that opinion on his own and I was so shocked and amused I thought I would share it. I can't say that I am completely opposed to the dolls myself. Not being a girly girl, I'm not even a fan of Barbies. However if I had a daughter who loved them I could be talked into a few myself. I do find the whole removeable foot thing creepy though. (hee hee)

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