Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is it really only Wednesday? (With Update!)

(Update: did anyone else read this and notice that I was thinking it was Wednesday, and it was actually TUESDAY? Oy.More updates below)

My week is crazy.

So far, Handy Dad hasn't gotten the car fixed yet. I had to run around town and pick up the parts on my way home from work, which resulted in the guy at the auto parts place giving us the wrong part. The car is still in pieces in the garage.

Hubs returned the part and ordered the right one, only to forget to give me my bank card back. Of course, I don't realize it until I'm out and about looking for Jake's birthday gift and need to fill up on gas. With no money, of course.

Jake's birthday party is this weekend. We rented a local pool and invited not only his entire grade 6 class, but al the kids from his karate class as well. (it's a very good deal and low stress birthday!) Would you believe that out of the roughly 40 kids we invited, ONE has called us? Jake is crushed. He thinks nobody is coming. I'm getting a little anxious, but I got some phone numbers from another Mom and plan to call all these people starting tomorrow. If you can't come, fine...but at least have the decency to call me! I can't stand it when people don't rsvp.

The gift I wanted to pick up for Jake's birthday is currently sold out. Star Wars Lego is hot stuff here, and I can't find the tie fighter thing set anywhere! ACK! I'll keep looking, since his actual birthday is quite a ways off, but it would be nice to have it for the party. I still have two more stores to visit so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to have my ears looked at, since I missed the last one due to a snow storm. I admit I'm a little nervous about that one. It's been a hot topic in our house, with Hubs thinking that I just "don't listen" and me being so completely annoyed with him. I admit that sometimes I don't pay attention, but there's little more frustrating then really trying to hear something and not being able to. Jake is anxious that I have some rare disease and may need hearing aides, I'm just frustrated that I'm constantly asking people to repeat themselves.

Thursday I go ice skating with 60+ kids for work, which is always fun. Except my skates need sharpening. Maybe I'll just rent some and that will save me a step.

Is it Friday yet?

I think I need chocolate.

(UPDATE:) The car is still not fixed and probably won't be for a few days while my husband scours town for parts so we are trying to make it work with one car and are getting completely annoyed. I finally scored my son the coveted toy for his birthday, even though it's on order and won't arrive in time for his party. My ear appointment went well. I have been referred to a hearing clinic and after getting my ears flushed out (which is the weirdest experience), they are clean as a whistle. Which has helped a little, but not entirely. I still can't wait for Friday.

Need. Chocolate.

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