Sunday, December 24, 2006

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas....

Christmas Eve! How did it get here so fast? I still have to go out to brave the stores and pick up a few groceries, bake a pie for tomorrow, and get some movies. We plan to spend our evening at home over good movies, good food, and hot cups of coffee and tea. Just the way we always do. Maybe even a little eggnog thrown in.

Our day trip to the city yesterday was so much fun that I think we may do it again next year. We expected the stores to be packed end to end with cranky shoppers, who would be far more inclined to rip the items from your hands if they were the last ones on the shelf. Instead we were pleasantly surprised to find an abundance of parking, cheerful fellow shoppers, and line ups that weren't any longer then on a normal day of shopping. It was like everyone finished early!

We found the things we needed at the second store we entered, and then practically skipped to the car clutching the bag with my camera in it. Yes, we found that camera. The one that I've been drooling over since a day on the beach when a photographer showed me and raved about it. I sat in the car clutching the box as if it were a newborn baby and wouldn't put it down or even let go of it no matter what other stores we entered. (hee hee).

In Chapters, Jake was in book lovers heaven as he desperately tried to make himself choose one book to buy with a gift card from his birthday. I think that if he had more money he'd buy the entire fantasy genre in the teen section, but he finally settled on something. He stood there in the middle of the store, eyes shining, inhaling the smell of new ink and paper as he gazed at the thousands of books around him. "I could LIVE here." he murmured. I imagined him sleeping on a cot over in the science section, happily devouring book after book and living on Starbucks steamed milk.

With our major gifts bought, Hubs and I decided that we would need to look for 70% Eythl Alcohol, which is an item that we need for Jake's big gift. I'm still not telling you what it is here, just in case the boy goes online to once again try to figure it out. (yes, it's driving him nuts-I so love it). I have no idea where to find this stuff. So we first try Walmart, where the young men in Sporting goods look at me with curiosity and say, "No, we don't carry that. Try Canadian Tire."

Canadian Tire is a hardware store, sort of. They sell bikes, sporting goods, garden stuff, housewares, etc too. Anyway I finally find a clerk who can help me, and who gets the glazed look that you only see from too much eggnog when I ask my question.
"Eythl Alcohol? Don't you just drink that stuff?"
"I really don't think so," I shook my head. He wanders off and finds another clerk.
"Do we carry Ethical Alcohol?"
By now the clerk and I are killing ourselves laughing. Alcohol? Ethical? The guy looks completely unimpressed.
"Nope, try London Drugs"

London Drugs sent us to the liquor store, next door, who then kindly informed us that Eythl Alcohol cannot be purchased in BC without a permit and there was no way we'd get any. All that looking wasn't completely a lost cause, because they then offered me a sample of Starbucks new coffee liquor. Booze? You're giving away samples of booze? Starbucks coffee booze? I am so not a drinker, but you all know I'm a Starbucks freak, so I tried it. Yummmmmmmmmm. I highly recommend it. The creamy one is sort of like an iced latte, only a bit sweet, with rum in it.

So after our shlepping around the stores, we checked out the Christmas lights in various parts of the city, had a great dinner at a favorite restaurant, and then meandered home. I have to say, it was a little surreal. We had met, married, and lived in Richmond for about 6 years. Jake was born there, but we moved away on his first birthday. It felt like we had come completely full circle-spending Christmas right back where our family had started, eleven years later. The old house that we lived in has since been torn down and replaced with a giant brand new home, but the memories still linger. We pointed out all the places were we used to take Jake, or where Handy Dad and I used to spend time together. Jake especially loved to watch the jets landing and taking off at Vancouver International Airport.

Today I'm off to get some groceries to get a tiny turkey dinner together, pick up some last minute items, and then we'll all settle down to "A Christmas Carol" and some other great movies.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. I know we sure will.

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