Saturday, December 16, 2006

To Gift Card or not to Gift Card

The Christmas shopping is almost done. Today I picked up some stocking stuffers for Jake and sent off some gifts to relatives in between picking up groceries as well. It was nice, actually, to get some time to myself to shop. Tomorrow Jake and I shop for Handy Dad, and I am hoping to be completely done by dinner time tomorrow.

I found this article awhile ago about gift cards. They aren't gifts, it claims. Gift cards apparently say, "There. Checked you off my list."

Not to me they don't. I love gift cards, especially ones from the movie theatre or Starbucks because they force me to actually spend money on something I really don't need, rather then succumbing to the pressure to buy something I do. Give me a Starbucks card and I stretch that baby out, taking in every sip of enjoyment for weeks. I take time for myself that I don't otherwise, and for me that alone is a wonderful gift. It's so much better then trinkets that I don't need, CDs I don't like, and inspirational books that I end up giving away. I enjoy getting them from family members that live far away, because honestly, shipping is a pain-I understand that. I just spent $24 today to ship a few measly gifts myself.

However on the other hand, the author has a point-if we really don't know each other even enough to pick out a gift that we'll enjoy, maybe we should just forgo the whole gift thing in the first place.

What do you think? Do you buy gift cards? Do you like to receive them? Tell me in the comments.

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