Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Baking

I have the holiday blahs. I'm not sure if it's the weather and the fact that constantly preparing for storms and power outages has me sapped, but I couldn't get into the Christmas spirit today. I just felt BLAH. So I baked. Baking is good. Baking usually makes me happy. Not to mention that I have lots to do, since I am making cookies for the adults that work with Jake at his school. These are my ginger cookies, just waiting to go into the oven.

This is when they've been baked, and the whole house smells like gingerbread. Ohhhhh.....that is heavenly.

I bought pre-made Pillsbury sugar cookie dough for the first time and Jake and I baked those too. Be warned, they really puff up! We were shocked. I haven't tasted them yet. Jake spent hours decorating them, and I think he did a wonderful job!

By the way, Hershey's Caramel Kisses are absolutely delectable.

These are the toffee chocolate crunch bars. I haven't tasted them either, I'm waiting for them to set. However, I have to say that they looked so good that I had to practically beat off Hubs and Jake so they can set. Tomorrow I am baking citrus shortbread with an orange glaze and some butter tarts.

So now my house smells yummy, I have a table full of baked goodies, and I feel a little better. A little less blah. Maybe this weekend I can get more into the whole Christmas thing.

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