Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Coffee Cups

This morning Jake had a field trip in the city, so I had to get him to the ferry at 7:30am. Such is the life of living in Coastal BC-ferries are a way of life if you really want to go anywhere.

On my way to work I had time so I stopped in Starbucks and got my newest favorite drink, a Maple Latte. While I stood there in line listening to the coffee grinder and the jazz music, smelling warm coffee and fresh baked goods, something caught my eye. Tiny glass Christmas tree versions of the Starbucks take out cups were piled on a shelf with mugs and pound bags of coffee, just ready to be snapped up and lovingly put in a stocking for Christmas.

Many years ago I began buying Handy Christmas ornaments for events that happened in our lives. A tiny house when we bought a house. Baby booties when Jake was born. Having lived in many communities over 10 years of marriage, we have amassed quite a nostalgic collection of ornaments. My tree may not look like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine, but I can tell you the story that goes with each and every ornament. They have more sentimental value then anything. These cups reminded me of how we met, and I couldn't resist. They are now tucked away with a little poem, waiting for Christmas morning.

It started with a cup of coffee
Hot and steaming in a cup
With a little bit of chocolate and a "please fill 'er up"

Your smile I saw during breaks each day
Sometimes two or three,
Love was brewing and my question was,
Coffee, tea, or me?

It's ten years, many moves, and children later
I still serve you coffee as you wish
Because there's no one else on earth
That I'd rather share coffee (or life) with.

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