Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Day...Day Three

Photo by Michgm

It's amazing what you find for entertainment when you're trapped indoors for days.

-Bake cookies, brownies, muffins
-Cook a big pot of chili and one of soup
-Write Christmas cards (can't get to the mailbox and the mail truck can't get here, but they are ready to go)
-shop online
-scrub the floors and clean the bathrooms
-Try to feed the birds that are sitting forlornly on your fence freezing their beaks off
-shovel the driveway, and then nurse the post-shovelling aches and pains
-see how many cups of coffee you can drink before you're totally buzzed
-Hop around the large puddles of water on the floor from your child's snow gear

What's left?

Yesterday I began organizing my drawers. No joke. My sock drawer has never looked neater. I've considered trekking to the corner store for some DVDs, although the slog through the snow via dogsled is more of a reality then I'd care to think about.

This morning at 6am the phone rang with the message that the schools are closed today, since the forecast was for very cold temperatures, although it would clear and become sunny and windy. More snow is on the way tomorrow and Thursday.

You heard that right, they said "clear and sunny." Although when I just got up to make another cup of coffee, guess what's happening outside? You'll never guess. I can't hardly believe it myself.

It's snowing.

Those Christmas decorations are beginning to look very appealing.

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