Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Fluff

It's official.

I am addicted to watching, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels".

Every time it's on I insist we have to watch it, even re-reruns. I'm not normally a TV watcher to begin with, even less of a reality TV watcher, and only started watching this show out of sheer curiosity. My friend Kelly had mentioned it, and there I was. Watching Gene Simmons. And I just can't stop. It's the only reality show that doesn't just make me laugh, but makes me laugh so hard that Jake can hear me clear across the house.

Now, if you knew my childhood, you may not find this funny. So let me fill you in.

I grew up in a very strictly religious home where music preformed by the likes of Mr. Simmons was seen as...very bad. So bad that it was up there with sex and drugs. You get the picture.
So while all my friends rocked out to White Tiger, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Duran Duran...I was um...listening to the Christian versions that none of them had ever heard of. Listening to the radio was sort of okay, depending on what they were playing.

Music is important to teens, and as I became a teenager, I noticed my peers were into totally different music. Devil music. The music that youth retreats had warned us about. I had heard the "talk" about back masking, and dammit, Queen told you to smoke dope! Cindy Lauper encouraged you to masturbate! Kiss actually meant "Knights in Satan's Service"and Gene Simmons apparently sat on the floor on a pentagram, praying to the Lord of Darkness to give Kiss their music! Horrors!

So here I now sit, at 35, watching the same guy on TV all the time, and not just liking it, but liking HIM. Too funny. Believe me, I eventually found my own beliefs about music. I'm certainly not into Kiss, but I think the show is absolutely hilarious. I must admit, it's even made me more curious to actually listen to their music. I mean, after all, I did miss out on that. Here is a completely normal workaholic, funny person with a beautiful wife and two wisecracking (and yet seemingly very grounded kids) that I honestly like. What strikes me so much is how normal they are....and (gasp!) there's not a pentagram in the house.

As a parent myself I'm WAY more liberal. Hell, I listen to the music with Jake, and we regularly enjoy Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Great Big Sea, Beyonce, and more. As Jake is getting older he's leaning more to different styles and I'm okay with that as long as there's no explicit sex or violence.
Jake's favorite music at the moment, which makes me laugh to no end?

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