Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Questions from the Jar

My blog traffic has take a huge, huge leap because of NaBloPoMo and being mentioned on this blog. I was sitting here the other night looking at the numbers and wondering if in fact my relatives have found this blog and were secretly reading it. Horrors!

Anyway, welcome! Hope you like my blog! Feel free to leave a comment, poke around, check out the Holiday version, etc. Nice to meet you!

Here's some of the most common searches that have lead people here.....

1. How do I make pumpkin pie from scratch? (still! About 10 a day at least!)

Good Lord, let me repeat myself here. Use the canned pumpkin puree. Really. And use this recipe. It's yummy, trust me. You won't find a recipe here for pumpkin pie with twix bars or chocolate in it because I'm a pumpkin purist. Sorry. Nothing but whipped cream touches MY pumpkin pie. Even pumpkin cheesecake sounds a little weird to me. However, all of you that are here looking for cheesecake recipies, I can post some more if you like. I loooove cheesecake. It's the best food item on earth, along with chocolate and pumpkin pie. And Twix bars.

2. Can I freeze Rice Krispie squares?

Yes, I did promise readers that I would try this and I DID. I ate the thawed square this afternoon. It was fine, but a little drier. If you like yours a little gooey and yet you plan to freeze them, I'd recommend making them extra gooey before you freeze them. Which means you either add more marshmallows, or reduce the cereal a bit.

3. How do I teach my child to tie their shoes?

You're asking me? I didn't learn to tie mine the proper way at all, and I'm 35. I just make the bunny ears and tie 'em together. So...um...sorry. My son doesn't tie his well either, so I think it's genetic. If you are concerned, I would check with an occupational therapist. They would have great ideas.

4. My baby refuses to eat dinner without eating a cookie first! What do I do?

Well....um...I'd just say no and put the cookies away. If junior is hungry, he/she will eat eventually. Offer other favorite foods and don't make a big deal out of it. And certainly don't eat cookies in front of him/her.

5. How do I make sure that the goods donated to a school bake sale are of good quality?
You can't. Which, sadly, is why I don't buy from them because unfortunately I always end up thinking "I could do better then that." I'm allergic to nuts too, so that gives me an excuse. I'm super picky when it comes to my own baking, and I hardly ever buy a thing from a bakery. I'm terrible that way.

6. There was a girl sitting across from me, and I could see up her skirt.
Uh, ya. Sure. And that brought you HERE?

Oh and if you're wondering about that weather crisis, we're fine now. Luckily, we don't live in Vancouver, where they are still being told to boil their water and people are fighting over the last bits of bottled water on the store shelves. Just in case, I bought a few cases and stashed it in my garage. I really learned my lesson about being prepared, and am going to start putting together an emergency kit just in case.

At least until the next big storm.

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