Sunday, November 12, 2006

Parle vous francais?

It's raining outside. In fact, it's been raining so much these days that we've been wondering if we are going to have animals showing up at the door in twos, hoping to board an ark. It's that rainy. The poor creatures seem to be a little out of sorts these days, with a bear digging through our neighbor's garbage before he wandered through our flower bed, and then there was the deer that ran into my co-worker's car while she was driving in the middle of town. You got it...the deer just bounded out of nowhere and WHAM! Right into her car. Killed the deer and nearly gave my poor friend a heart attack.

We were going to go for a Sunday hike today, but I think instead we'll go for a drive and maybe stop at Tim Horton's for a snack. It's that kind of Sunday. Rainy, cold, windy, and probably best spent indoors.

We have someone else showing up here in twos, namely the new friends Jake made over the last few weeks. All week they have shown up at our home, inviting Jake to come play at their house. Why? Well, they only speak French. I think they are a little nervous to come to an English home, because I won't understand a thing they are saying. So their home is within their comfort zone.Jake being the outgoing person he is, doesn't mind a bit. There is no language barrier with kids, they figure stuff out really fast despite the fact that half the time neither of them can understand each other. It's also a great way for me to practise the little bit of French I know when they do have the courage to come to the door. Here in Canada we are required to take French if you want to attend university, and I finished up to grade 11. However, my French skills are limited to being able to read the French side of cereal boxes. Fluent I am NOT.

"Bonjour!" I greet them. (Hello)

They laugh.

"Comment ca va?" I ask. (How are you?)

They laugh.

"Je m'appelle Scattered Mom." I smile. (My name is Scattered Mom)

They laugh.

"Mom, for all you know, you could be saying you have a chicken named Wilma."
"No. Chicken is poulet, I know that much. Why are they laughing? Do I sound that bad?"

Hmm. They aren't from Quebec, but from France, so it could be somewhat different. My accent is probably hilarious. My feeble attempts probably are quite funny sounding. I'll have to check in with their Mom, who thankfully, speaks English fluently.

In the meantime I think I'll consult a French/English Dictionary. Just in case.

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