Thursday, November 30, 2006

My 11 year old's Christmas List:

Actually it's not all Christmas, his birthday is this month too so we get him to make a big list so we have lots to choose from.
Have I ever mentioned that he quit asking for toys, with the exception of Lego, since he was 5? Check out this list!

Big Ticket Items

1. A Chemistry Set
2. Scroll saw
3. Miter saw
4. Star Wars Lego-Imperial Star Destroyer or the Tie Fighter
5. Bow and Arrows (ummm...ya. right.)

Smaller Ticket Items...

1. Assorted Lego bricks
2. A sautering gun
3. A hatchet (hmm...not sure about this one?)
4. Binoculars
5. Essential oils (lavendar, eucalyptus, orange)
6. CDs-AC/DC Back in Black, TNT
7. Book on Herbal remedies
8. Cookbooks

"I think an Ipod would be really cool, but I need to fulfill my urge for education."

Buying for him just gets more interesting every year. Think we can make it to 18 and keep all his fingers and the house intact?

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