Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Musings

So the other night while I'm at a friend's house, she drops the Victoria Secret catalogue in my lap. Humour me here, I had a very sheltered childhood. All I know about VS is lingerae, right? And as I'm looking at the cover, that I need to keep this thing away from my son. Wow. They even make t-shirts look sexy.

"Oh they sell other stuff, and you're petite, you might find something in there."

I brought it home and looked through it with John. He made a comment about this, but I'm more of a girl that wears that.

But both our jaws dropped when we saw this one. I didn't even know a bra this expensive existed.

6 million? For a bra? Ummm....ya. Sure. But where would I wear it?

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