Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mail Call!

Questions from the Cookie Jar's most recent visitors.....

1. Do you know how to make pumpkin pie from scratch?
No. I personally would never have the time nor the patience to boil down a pumpkin to make a pie. Not when a can of pumpkin pie filling is $.99 at the store. I may know how to bake, but Martha Stewart I am not and I don't see the point in making it so much harder then it needs to be. I don't even do my own scratch pastry. I can, but these days, why bother? Check out the pumpkin pie recipe, I think it's better then any store bought pie and it's totally easy.

2. Can you freeze Rice Krispie Squares?
I doubt it. I would think that the moisture would likely make the Rice Krispies go soggy. But I think I'll try it for you. I have some handy.....stay tuned.

3. Do you have recipes for cookie mix in a jar gifts?
Actually, I do. I have never used them, but they are from a reliable source. If you check out Notes From the Cookie Jar-Holiday Version, I posted them here. However, take it from me....teachers (who often get these types of gifts) prefer the goodies pre-baked. They often don't have the time to bake and would worship the ground you walk on if you saved them the step. Check back here in December, I'll be posting the gift bags of treats I'm doing up for Jake's teachers.

4. What about cookies with Smarties? (the Canadian version-like plain M&Ms)
Smarties are really good in the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, and I sometimes press them into the tops of a Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie (recipe to come). You can pretty much add them to any basic cookie recipe, just press them in the tops of the cookie before baking.

5. What's a weinerie?
My son's attempt at reading the word "winery", but other then that, I have no idea. However if you google the word, Notes from the Cookie Jar is ranked #3.

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