Sunday, November 05, 2006

Like Father, Like Son

Sunday. Lazy day. Family day. We normally go for a hike, but we have other things to do. Jake has 2 big projects to hand in tomorrow, and since we are horrible procrastinators, he's finishing them up today. I'd like to think it has something to do with us being sick all last week, and unable to get him on task.

He's almost finished the poster part of it-we have pictures, we have the information printed out, we have all the supplies ready to go. Almost. I went to find a glue stick this morning, and the only one available was shriveled into a hard lump. Back to the store for supplies!

The other part of the project was to build a model. Jake of course can't come up with something easy, he has decided to build a remote controled model that actually works. He was describing to me how he would do it, when I shook my head.

"Nope. Can't do that. Why not just make it out of cardboard?" His face drops. Cardboard just won't cut it. This kid has big ideas, big dreams, and is intent on making it happen.

"Yes we can." Handy Dad perks up. "I have the stuff. I can help him sauter it. He could really make a kick-ass model." Jake switches into full on creative mode, which usually means he turns into his 'mad scientist' self. He tears apart his room looking for supplies, and begins asking so many questions that we literally have to stop him. I just ignore the mess and nod blankly every time he comes to me with a five minute monologue about the merits of solar power, how he'll construct the frame from pieces of copper, and questions about sautering tools. I have no idea what he's talking about most of the time. Good thing Hubs does.

Ever watch "American Chopper?" Hubs and Jake remind me of the father/son team on there. Minus the swearing, but their creative energy does cause some conflicts. They are almost too much alike in some ways.

After hours of rumaging through the garage, pilfering parts from Meccano sets, broken toys, old computer parts, and stray do-dads in the garage, they came up with the supplies they needed. Sautering kits, mini torches, saws, an electric drill, can be heard whirring or melting metal over the babble of the television. Tv? What Tv? I'm the only one trying to watch it. Jake directs and designs the model, Hubs sauters. Jake gets a chance to sauter as well as I cringe at the thought of burns in my kitchen table. They don't get out of their pjs until well past noon, stop to eat, or even shower. These guys are on a mission. The teacher's words of "do it in little chunks, not one huge one" don't apply here. When these two focus, they focus. It's a bit unnerving to the rest of us who don't focus in that capacity.

Last night I turned to Hubs and smiled. "I think you're almost having a better time then Jake is."

He grinned back. "Maybe so. It's fun!"

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