Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let it Snow!

Last night as I worked away in the kitchen making big pots of soup and chili to freeze for school lunches and the days ahead, I wasn't really paying attention to what was going on outside.

It's snowing. Okay yesterday it wasn't really snowing that much. At least not compared to what I grew up with in Northern BC, where you had snow from October until May. Here on the coast of BC you get very little and if it does snow, it stays for a very short period of time. It snowed all night, is still snowing, and we have about a good 3-4 inches. In fact it's supposed to snow tomorrow too.

Snow does strange things to me. Call it nostalgia, but snow makes me think of the winters of my childhood. Way back when I was little, there would be nothing to do if you didn't play in the snow, and play we did. We cross country skiied by moonlight at least 3 days a week, stopping at the resort restaurant half way for crispy fries drenched with gravy, and mugs of steaming hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. I learned to skate on the bumpy ice of the lake near my home. My Dad took us ice fishing, and I still smile when I remember how excited I was to look through that hole in the ice and see a flash of silver as a lake trout tried to grab my hook. We spent countless hours building snowmen, pretending to have a sugar factory, and tobagganing. When we were cold and wet all we had to was come inside, strip our wet mittens and boots off by the roaring wood stove, and run upstairs to have hot soup or chili.

Now living in a place without snow, my son has only been on a toboggan once. As an adult the snow has lost it's magic and instead it's more of an annoyance that makes it impossible to drive somewhere and has me digging through boxes to find lost mittens. I don't even own a pair of boots now. I haven't gone skiing, ice fishing, or tobogganing in years.

So yesterday I sat here thinking that it was way too early for Christmas and there was no way I'd start anything remotely holiday-like.......

...and then it snowed, which was a total deal breaker. Yes, I know. Just look at this place. I couldn't help it.

Photo by Andrew

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