Sunday, November 19, 2006

Here Comes Santa Claus

It's amazing what parents will do for their kids.

We stand in stores in the wee hours, spending money we don't have for Christmas toys that our kids desire. We endure hours of sitting at the playground being bored silly while they dig in the dirt.

Today, dear readers, I foolishly agreed to attend the Vancouver Santa Claus parade. Oh don't get me wrong. The parade is incredible, and I love to see it. There's these massive bands playing trumpets and drums, Purdy's chocolate gives out free samples, the cast from "Stargate SG1" will be there, and of course there's the man in red. It will be a fantastic parade.

Only, of course, Mother Nature thinks she's being funny. She's starting to remind me of other mothers I know.

She has sent another storm, complete with 50 m/hr winds and torrential rain, that is raging outside while I type.

Of course, the show must go on, and of course, Jake is just dying to see it. And you know, I did promise. It is the one little tradition that we've been able to hold onto since we moved here. This is such a remote little town there aren't even Christmas lights to look at because nobody bothers to put them up. The festival we used to attend is gone and we can't go out for dinner on Christmas Day because nothing is open. The one small tradition, besides launching gingerbread houses (you'll get to hear that one someday), is the Santa Claus parade.

So while the light flickers as the power threatens to go out yet again, I'm going to get ready to stand in the rain and wind for 3 hours to see Santa. In a city where there is a boil water advisory so while there is water, water everywhere, you can't drink any of it.

And there also is no coffee. Something about not being able to boil the water first so the Starbucks are CLOSED.

I'm going back to cold, wet, coffeeless Hell. With Santa. Wish me luck!

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