Saturday, November 25, 2006

...And another thing...

Goodness, I can't seem to stop posting today. What is this? Number three? Egads.

So my friend over at Dishpan Dribble was asking who is putting up their Christmas tree this weekend, and I can't help but reply over here since a few other American bloggers have been talking about Christmas as well.

Let's get one thing straight.

We Canadians have some sort of aversion to Christmas before December 1st. Maybe it's because we have Thanksgiving in October, maybe it's genetic. A cultural quirk of sorts. Who knows? Even though the local drug store had penguin stuffies sporting Santa hats lined up beside the Halloween Jack o'Lanterns, it's not the holiday season yet. Even though they were playing Christmas music today. Nope. My Christmas music and decorations do not go up until December first. Sorry.

On the other hand, I've had that silly Holiday version of this blog up much earlier. Sort on the holiday traffic, you know?

So maybe I don't have so much of an aversion after all.

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