Sunday, November 19, 2006

All I Want For the sun and a cup of coffee

This morning as I blogged this entry, the rain pounded at the window.

"You are INSANE" my husband shook his head as he made his coffee. "You're going to go to a parade in THAT?"

The ride over to Vancouver on the ferry only further discouraged me. The clouds were ominously hanging low over the mountains, with 50 knot winds whipping the spray from the water onto the windows. We were in for it, I was sure.

However, Mother Nature relented. Maybe she felt sorry for us, I'm not sure. Once we exited the bus in downtown Vancouver, the rain all but stopped. The wind calmed. It's too good to be true, we thought. Surely it will start up again. Much to my delight, Starbucks was open and serving coffee! I was practically dancing in the street. The store was busy with excited parade goers, all stocking up on snacks and hot chocolate. With an steamy eggnog latte in one hand and a apple cider in the other, Jake and I staked out a spot to watch the parade. Being experienced parade-goers this time, we knew that if you choose a spot in front of the Global BC news tent, you are sure to get a good seat. The bands and dancers all preform right on cue for the cameras. Plus it's early in the parade so there is still plenty of candy to be thrown your way. We were set.

The parade started, and...what was that? An orange glow in the sky? What on earth is that glowing orb that we haven't seen forever? Folks, the sun came out, the sky cleared, and it was beautiful. Where was the forecast storm? Obviously nowhere in sight. Bands playing infectious beats on their drums danced by, the RCMP marched, horses pranced, the Purdy's chocolate truck showered us with candy, and everyone on that street grinned ear to ear. It was SO MUCH fun. We even turned around to suddenly see...who was that? A local celebrity. Oh ya-and the guys from Stargate, SG-1.

Once the parade was finished and we saw the man in red, Kevin and I caught the bus back to the ferry and had lunch/dinner at Troll's, which is one of our favorite spots to eat. Was it worth it? As we sat on the ferry for the journey home, Jake put his head on my shoulder and sighed.

"That was so much fun, Mom."

I'm perfectly aware that we only have a few Christmases left where he'll find this sort of thing fun. Remember when I said that when you have an only child, you have to savor the moments?

Watching my pink cheeked, bright eyed, soon to be 11year old scamper for candy, groove to the music, and smile at the little kids nearby ......

....was definitely one of those moments.

Photo by Mo-Mo (since my digital camera is now not working...but that's another post)

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