Saturday, October 21, 2006

To Love and Obey

Do you obey your spouse? I mean really, if they insist that they doesn't want you to do something, do you actually listen?

I do most of the time. It's not an obey thing, but more like...I respect his judgement. Besides, he almost never pulls rank and says "absolutely not". The very few times he does, he usually has a really good reason that I agree with.

Except for the other day.

"Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to put that bike in your car. Got it?"
Me nodding. "Yes, honey. I'll figure out another way to get it to the bike shop."

Why is it that when I finally have a chance to have a blissful day to myself, without kids and husband around, Murphy's Law ensues? I mean, sure, I love them, but some days I like to have the house to myself. I drink coffee, I blog, I can even dance naked if I wish. Okay, maybe not that, but you all know what I mean.

First in the series of mishaps meant to squash my day off is my darling son, who wipes out on the bike and bends some mechanical thingy. Yes, that bike. The bike that is needed for the day long mountain biking class that I've signed him up for. Me, being the mechanically challenged in the house, doesn't figure out that the bike now needs to be fixed until the day before the course.

Of course all that day my darling husband is in the city with a client, in the very car that is the only approved means of transporting the bike. The guy who, when the instructor of the bike class phoned and said that the venue had been changed from just down the road to 1/2 hour drive away, told me to find alternate transportation. Of course, know...the bike is just not allowed in my car. He's taking his to work, which had me frantically phoning around and arranging a way to get the stupid bike to the course.

I had a small window of time between picking Kevin up from school and taking him to karate class to get the bike to the shop. First I phoned the shop and tried asking if they would pick up the bike. The guy almost laughed at me and said that it would cost around $45 extra.

Forget that idea.

So I stood in the garage, eyed the bike, and then the car. I gauged how angry John would be and thought about my day to myself slipping away.....

...for all of 10 seconds-if that.

I stuffed the bike in the car and off I went to the shop. Twice! I had violated his instructions TWICE!

Later that evening when John was home I told him what I had done, and he was predictably very irritated with me.
"You did WHAT?!?"
Retreat! Retreat! Let him cool off! Go hide out in the computer room for awhile, he'll come around.
....Which he did, of course.
Me-"Honey, I promise to never do it again."
Me-"...because I think I put my shoulder out."
Him-(laughing) "Serves you right."

I have such a great guy for a husband. By the way, the day off was great and no, I didn't dance naked around the house.

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