Friday, October 20, 2006

They're Baaaaaaaaack!

I have houseguests. Millions of them. Millions of tiny, red, crawly things that love to perch on my windowsills, cover the windows, crawl on the walls, the carpet, and the radiator.

That's right. The Clover Mites are back.

Despite valiant efforts to keep them out, they are here in time for Halloween. Fortunately they don't like chocolate so I don't have to worry about my girl guide cookies. Too bad they wouldn't infest the front door cause they'd look way cool with the Halloween decorations if they were bigger. However bigger would be scarier considering the number of them, and if that were the case I'd be moving out.

I am now forced to vacuum up bug carcasses every single day while these stupid creatures have a party on my windows and leave their germy grass-laced poop (which Kevin is really allergic to) all over the place. Basically they party, reproduce, and die. What a life.

I am SO not happy.

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