Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Overheard Down on the Farm

"Now I know where Kevin really lives!"

"Can we REALLY buy a spider?"

"Mommy, Mommy! They have Itsy Bitsies!"

"I'll trade you my brother for an Extra Large Mutant Bloodsucker Spider, please. But only if you promise it will eat him."

"Can I really have one? SWEET!" (when told they may pick any of the plastic spiders outside. )

"I'll name mine George."

"Better watch out Mom, we'll protect you" (when told that the Mutant Bloodsuckers only eat adults that steal their kid's Halloween candy. Also that my handler was neglecting his duties and they are on the loose.)

"Wow, great costume!" Are those garbage bags?" (Yes. Garbage bag feathers. Hand cut and tacked on with needle and thread by yours truly. No. It wasn't fun. It took forever and I cursed it lots. That cape was also handmade with instant fusing stuff and an old black sheet. He says he's a gargoyle.

"Can we eat the O Henry Bars? Pleeeeaaaase?"
~that was me, of course.

The trick or treaters were much more prolific this year, leaving me with only a small bit of chocolate to snack on. There were devils, princesses, cheerleaders and axe murders, and tiny ones dressed like giraffes. Most were not entirely sure if I was really selling spiders or not, and the little ones were very amused at the thought of a giant spider stalking their candy stealing parents. I talked about my spider 'handlers' going missing, how the spiders enjoy getting exercise in the 'run' out back, and that I wasn't quite sure where the Trap Door ones went. Be careful on the lawn. I love Halloween!

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