Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monster Mishmash

Sorry I've been a little quiet lately, but my husband has left for a week long business trip and I'm a little overwhelmed with single parenting duties....not to mention I just came down with some nasty virus.

See? The viruses always wait until you really don't want to get sick to strike. Tomorrow Kevin's school has a Halloween dance, and I volunteered to help out with the snack bar as well as bake for the cake walk and donate finger food. Good thing I chose easy stuff to make like cake mix cupcakes and Rice Krispie Squares. I don't think Kevin's Halloween costume will be ready though, since I've been sorely lacking in the Halloween department here at the house. I really don't sew. Kevin designed his costume to be some gargoyle type thing, and I think while I'm home sick today I may get started on making it. I have to get the cape done first, which shouldn't take too long. A few weeks ago we struck gold at the Salvation Army and found a Queen sized black sheet! Who knew they even made black sheets? I would have bought a cape but there aren't any suitable ones around here and yes, I'm cheap when it comes to Halloween costumes.

We just picked up our pumpkins yesterday. Three fat, heavy pumpkins just waiting to be carved are sitting on my front porch with an assortment of tiny ones. This weekend I may get into decorating a little, but I just can't bring myself to be motivated right now so everything is just sitting. I usually decorate the front door with lots of webbing, plastic spiders of all sizes, and our front door has a "Spider Farm" sign. I also bought myself a witch hat. I have never, in my life, dressed up as a witch. This Halloween will be my first! Isn't that weird? I was never allowed to dress as a witch when I was a child, so I have waited all these years to release my inner witch now.

The hotel that John is staying at is one of the nicest in the city. John phoned me last night.
"Would you believe that toast and coffee costs $9?!?!" he exclaimed "And don't even think about ordering a sandwhich!" Oh yes, I pity you. A beautiful hotel with room service and a maid? NOT. Kevin and I always sort of relish a little bit of time when he's away because I then cook all sorts of things that we both love and John would never eat, like the lamb meatballs last night, and the Chinese food tonight. I get to watch Gilmore Girls, and rent chick flicks that John would never watch. Kevin loves having me all to himself! The excitement doesn't last long though because shortly after we begin to miss him. It feels like a part of me is missing, and while I know it's only temporary and he'll be back, there's a void there. Kevin feels it keenly too and has asked every single day when Dad will be home.

So I'm sorry that this post has been a bit of a mishmash, but the virus is having a party in my sinuses and it makes it really hard to think. I have decided that today I'm going to enjoy the quiet house while Kevin is at school and curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Or maybe go have a nap. Some times being sick really isn't half bad.

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