Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mommy Blogging

Over at Postcards from the Mothership, Danigirl had written a post about Mommy blogging. Why do we do it? What do we get out of it? Why are mothers so drawn to blogs?

I have a feeling I'm a little late answering. I was going to answer in the comments section, but truth be told, I'm too long winded.

I thought about this question long and hard as I went to pick Kevin up from school, then sorted through his planner and school notices today. The answer, to me, is simple.

Many years ago I sat in a psychologist's office and was given about 4 different diagnoses for why Kevin was different then other children. Ironically, he has extreme strengths coupled with extreme weaknesses that baffle not only me, but even the most highly educated professional. Naively I hit the library, internet, and talked to other parents hoping to find connections, empathy, just one person out there that understood. I learned very quickly that the world doesn't work that way.

People would hear the "g-word" and become defensive and angry. "All children are gifted" they'd growl, or they would insinuate that I was some bragging elitist parent. How could I tell them that if I had to choose, I'd have my child NOT be gifted in a heartbeat? That the very intelligence that some people view as enviable really is a hinderance? On the other hand, some would then dismiss his learning disabilities, citing his weaknesses as simply behavior and say bad parenting was to blame. How do I explain that? Advocating is tireless work, and it gets to the point where all you want is an ear, a shoulder, and an "Oh my gosh, I so understand that." The bottom line is that many people don't understand gifted or ld kids, and if you have a child that is both, it's even less so. There are no parenting books about these kids. It seems like even the professionals are completely baffled-it's unchartered territory at it's finest.

I haven't been blogging for very long compared to some. However, blogging has become my way to have my voice heard. To say what I think I want the world to know about kids like Kevin. In my world of teachers, psychiatrists, therapists, pediatricians, teacher's aides, and occupational therapists, when the world seems completely out of control, my blog is in my control. I can write about whatever I wish. I can dispell some of those myths. I do try very hard to have variety in this blog as well, and it helps me to make a concious effort to set aside the 'advocate' hat and write about something different.

However, if at the end of the day, some poor mother is out there hanging by a thread feeling as isolated as I once did, in my heart I pray that telling our stories gives her one thing.


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