Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Green

Good evening! This is our little frog friend. He appeared outside our door this evening, wondering if we had any stray flies around for him to nibble on. Of course, we invited him in to have a little hop around the house. Isn't he cute? Kevin was hoping to keep him for a pet, but we just don't have the stuff to keep this guy happy. What he likes best is our lawn, apparently. It's probably smorgasbord city out there, that's for sure.

So outside he went, while he certainly begged and pleaded to stay. He gazed longingly back into the house, but we assured him that the nice moist lawn is much better for his health. Besides, there's more flies and bugs outside.

Come back and visit soon, little guy. We thought you were pretty cool! (and hoppy too)

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