Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween Dance

Ahhh! The dead has risen!

I'm sure if I posted a pic of myself that is exactly what you'd be thinking.

Yep, I'm still sick.

It's funny, when I was phoning around trying to find a sub to take over my job, on Tuesday someone laughed at me. "Better be prepared to be home for a few days," she replied, "This is a nasty virus." I nodded, but inwardly thought, "She must be exaggerating." She wasn't. Yesterday I sent Kevin off to school, crawled back into bed, and woke up right before school was out again.

John would likely be laughing and saying it is my pay back for the bike in the car thing. Fortunately he's home today-but hopefully I won't give it to him. We are extra paranoid about viruses considering the lung thing that he had years ago. If he gets a virus now, he almost always ends up with pneumonia or bronchitis.

So last night was the Halloween dance. If you could call it that, it was more like a Halloween run around and scream fest. What is it with elementary aged children and dances? We danced at sockhops when I was a kid. These guys just ran in circles and bugged each other, screaming all the while. Weird. I considered just bailing and staying home, but Kevin was so excited about going that I just couldn't do it. He wanted the chance to ask the two girls he adores from afar to dance, and so we just had to be there.

I found a nice quiet corner amid the plastic spiders and fake webbing, hoping that I'd at least get to sit and be left alone. However I had unwittingly sat in the chair reserved for the raffle table and immediately was commisioned to run the raffle thing. I didn't even have the energy to protest.

"Would you (cough, cough) like to (sniffle) buy a ticket?" My obvious illness didn't deter anyone, and when I almost gave someone back a lot of change they pointed it out and said soothingly, "You poor thing, you are probably right drugged up on cold meds." Yep. I was. Girls ran by in fairy princess costumes squealing while they twirled, with boys dressed as axe murderers right behind them. The cake walk was a huge hit as kids played again and again, hoping to win some obscenely decorated chocolatey confection.

Once the evening was over I dragged Kevin to the car and heaved a sigh of relief as we were enveloped by the silence. Relief at last.

"So did you dance with Hailey?"
Kevin shook his head. "Na, the girls were chasing us so we hid out in the bathroom."
Some things never change.

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