Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Halloween Candy Swap

Looking for a way to get rid of all that Halloween Candy?

I've seen the idea of a Halloween Fairy circulating through the Internet on some sites...and in our home, we have been paid a visit every Halloween as well. Except that we call the entity the Halloween Pumpkin, and there are certain guidelines we always followed.

a) Kevin was allowed to fill a certain bowl with the candy of his choice.

b) The excess candy was placed in a plastic pumpkin and put out on the porch.

c) The item given in return was worth around $20 or less, never toothbrushes, but always something that he would really like.

I am sad to say that as he's gotten older the Halloween Pumpkin has been slacking. He (or more like she) enjoys helping Kevin eat the candy, and Kevin doesn't care to have the toy. Instead he'd rather have money or a gift card to Home Depot. The times sure are a'changing as they grow up, doesn't it?

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