Monday, October 30, 2006

Fairies and Bugs

See that? See all that lovely Tupperware? The Tupperware fairy visited. Every once in awhile she magically appears...and POOF! I suddenly have more plastic dishes (and lids!) then I know what to do with. Sometimes she's a little forgetful and I get more lids then bottoms, or vice versa. Today she did an especially good job. Must be all the Halloween magic in the air.
Most of the time my stock dwindles until I have mostly stray lids and barely anything to pack lunch nibbles in, and then she so kindly comes back and refills the drawer.

I need to get her to talk to the sock fairy. THAT one is slacking.

Okay, everyone wave hello!!!
See those little dots on the window that makes it look dirty? The reddish brownish dots?
The clover mites are waving at you while they suntan.
Of course, until I sprayed Raid on them.

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