Sunday, October 01, 2006


For those of you that follow my blog closely (and there aren't too many of ya, I know that) may have noticed that for awhile I had my yahoo e-mail posted in my sidebar and then I removed it.


Well my inbox began filling up with the most BIZARRE mail. Seriously. Then it becomes hard to figure out who are the normal bloggers (or otherwise) who just want to chat, and who are the weirdos. Check out the latest stuff in the subject line...

-Callme 00226-7573937
-Can I trust you?
-Proposal from ME Mr. Aliyashi
-With Due Respect
-Company Representative Required
-from the desk of -------- (blah blah blah)
-Be our Company Agent

The hilarious thing is that every single one of them wanted the same thing. They each give me some stupid song and dance that was essentially the same thing every time, with varied moves. We need you to be a payment agent because our company supplies stuff to the USA and Canada, and it takes too long for checks to clear. My royalty husband was kicked out of our country and we need you to hold our money. If you choose to do this for us because you are such a fantastic person, we will pay you. Of course, give us all your personal information first.

Can we say....When Hell freezes over? And while we're at it....Leave me alone you freaks?

So if you've sent me mail (like the lovely Liesele of Dante's Inferno With Children) I'm sorry if I didn't write you back. My inbox looked like a garage sale-mostly junk with a few treasures in there. Leaving comments is easier because I don't have to slog through the junk to find it...and I love getting comments. I write back, even. Really!

So after my second cup of coffee and a shower, we're going out for a hike today. Just so you know, there's danger lurking in those woods this time of year. Really. Signs everywhere warning us, even. We'll have to be very, very careful. We live in the middle of nowhere people, there's woods all over the place. No letting the child run ahead of us on the path, that's for sure. I'll keep you posted when we get back. All of us....hopefully. Bwa hahahahaha!

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