Wednesday, October 04, 2006

busy busy busy

It's been a real busy week. I always find it a little hard getting back into the swing of being the working mama from having the summer off, and it's taking me awhile to get back into the routine. Of course this week is a little more so then normal.
Karate went really well last night, and it was fun watching Kevin bouncing around in his gee. He loves karate! I'm so glad it's started, because it's a really great thing for him. His sensae is the coolest guy, which makes the rush to get out of the house for 6 pm totally worth it.

Then today I had to go to a work shop and a co-worker and I snuck away to get a Starbucks coffee. In my town, saying you like Starbucks is as bad as admitting you smoke (which I don't) or like Wal-mart (which I do). You get comments such as "those stupid corportations!" and "they put my favorite coffee shop out of business!" and "damn Americans!". They eye you with distain, as if your white cup contains crack cocaine or something. Meanwhile, I view it as a refuge from the demands of mommy hood where my coffee and chocolate dreams are fulfilled. I have happy memories of working for the place that include meeting my husband. Actually I almost decided to go the manager track there but went back to school instead. I LOVE Starbucks. Get over it. So I happily sipped my maple latte (which was heavenly by the way) and ignored the comments, telling myself that they were just jealous. Ya, sure, go and drink the dishwater stuff provided. Be my guest.

To top off my day, I had some really nice guy at a local store figure out my battery issue with my camera, and it's now charging as we speak. I will be able to post more pictures asap! I'm a happy girl now.

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