Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When it Rains, it Pours

It is 10 pm, and all day I have tried to think of something to blog. I was hoping that some creative and witty thought will just drop in my lap out of nowhere like the rain that fell from the sky all day, but it's not happening. So instead I'm sitting here eating chocolate chips. I know, I know. But after a week like mine, I need chocolate therapy. Too bad it's only Wednesday.

So far this week I have endured meltdowns and refusals to go to school, all the direct result of change and getting used to a new teacher. It's not pretty, but I thought that we had things all sorted out and I was confident that the storm would soon pass.

Right. Ha ha. Someone up there is having a good laugh about now. Shut up.

One of the big rules in our house is that after school, Kevin must come straight home and check in, then change into play clothes before he goes to a friend's house. Do not pass go, do not collect $100, do not, for the love of God, go wandering through the bush. Home. Immediately. It's bad enough that he's always the last child to leave the school. For a kid that never wants to go, you'd think that he would love to leave. Right? Nope.

So today I sat at home and waited for him. He's riding his bike,by the way. It's the consequence of being completely out of sorts and nasty to me every day when I've picked him up. Back in the day care days, I had to pick him up. Now he can walk, and I love it. However it was pouring rain today and part of me felt a tad guilty. I mean, he was acting out, but wasn't it from stress? Surely now that things are straightened out and he's been so sweet, maybe it's a bit much. Maybe I'll drive him tomorrow.

3 pm comes and goes, then it's 3:30. Not to worry. He's usually home by 3:45. By 4:10 he's not home, and I'm beginning to worry, so I get in the car and drive through the neighborhood, looking. He's not at the school. He's not en route home. He's nowhere to be found. I remember the friend he introduced me to yesterday, and as a wild guess, drive to her house. Beside the house is a field that is being cleared to build on, and in about a foot of mud is a back hoe. Climbing on the back hoe, covered in mud themselves and soaking wet, is Kevin and his two friends.

Apparently the owner of this rather large piece of machinery encouraged the kids to clean out the tracks for her. Yes, that's it, she invited stranger's children to climb all over her back hoe. Part of me wants to smack her upside the head and yell, "What are you thinking? Are you nuts?"

Kevin was not impressed by my arrival to spoil the fun, and even less so when he discovered just how much trouble he was in. As a result of not obeying the rules, he has lost priviledges and is confined to the house for the next week.

Don't laugh. If it rains, I think I'll need more chocolate.

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