Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tickle Me Elmo

So Tickle Me Elmo is back, this time the new and improved version for the 10th anniversary. And once again, people are flocking to stores and fighting over them. Check out this news story...

So, this makes me wonder. Who in their right mind are willing to fight over a stupid talking stuffed toy? Most parents hate toys that make noise. I know your tactics. You tell the wide eyed tyke that Elmo is 'sleeping' and in the middle of the night you sneak out the batteries. Or you're like me and say he has laringitis. I mean seriously, how long can anyone over the age of 4 stand that high pitched nails-on-a-chalkboard voice?

Yep-it's the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the childless friends that buy this toy because they don't have to listen to it. We had missed the first Tickle craze, by refusing to buy one for our two year old. And then friends (who didn't have children) gave him one for Christmas. At the time I didn't mind so much. I sort of liked Elmo, anyway. In small chunks on the television, that is.

However, I seriously think that those quality control people in the Elmo factory had been slacking off. The first Elmo lasted two days, until it's shaking mechanism quit. Back to the store for a new one. The second Elmo last a little longer, but eventually quit too. The third Elmo sealed the deal for Kevin, and pretty much killed his love for the red, furry muppet. A week after getting his third Elmo Kevin came into the kitchen sobbing like his best friend had died, clutching a red furry torso in one hand and Elmo's grinning head in the other.

"Elmo have owie!" he wailed. Hmm. I had noticed the stitching in the neck appeared loose, but somehow it had come completely apart. Oops. Back to the store. This time he picked out a regular, non-ticklish Elmo (for $12!) and had enough cash left over to buy a really nifty pirate ship toy.

"I don' like Tickle Elmo." he said matter of factly as he handed it to me, "This one better. This one's head stay ON."

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