Thursday, September 21, 2006


So today I went to the school to get Kevin and the secretary gives me this giant hug. At first I was a little startled...I mean, why is she hugging me? What did I do? Do I look that bad? I think she caught wind that I'm having a rough week. You have NO IDEA how glad I am that tomorrow is Friday. FRIDAY!

Of course, having a kid grounded to the house with no tv, bike, or stereo all weekend isn't going to be that fun, but I can take off to Starbucks (courtesy of the lovely Starbucks card I was gifted with earlier in the week) and have a latte. And leave the child at home with my husband, who will be home. I'm so evil.

We had the big parents meet the teacher meeting tonight. Kevin kept phoning my cell. "Mooom...can I have a cookie? Mooom...the DVD player isn't working. Moooom...." I finally told him that he couldn't call unless it was an emergency. I was so embarressed! But at least I wasn't late like some people, and when the teacher explained an easy way to teach the kids the 9 times table I knew what he was talking about. Chatty Mom over in the corner was all, "Oh, I didn't know that, why didn't they teach me that in school?". Kevin is on a separate math program anyway, and if he ever memorizes his times tables it would be nothing short of a miracle. Overall, it sounds like it will be a really fun year with some really cool field trips that *I* want to go on, much less my kid. Hey, skiing for four days? Are you kidding? I'm so there.

But first, let's just get through the week. Kevin has been saying he's very tired and not feeling so well. I'm wondering if he's coming down with something and that's what's making him so completely impossible. I sent him to bed early-and since he's not going anywhere all weekend, maybe he'll get some rest, and we'll have a little peace and quiet. That would be nice.

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