Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rockstar:Supernova and Canadian Idol Finales

Let's be clear about something. I'm not a reality tv fan. I have friends who are, and who faithfully have followed Rockstar: Supernova all season. The first time I saw it was while I was on vacation.

I'm not even a metal fan-my type of music is more of the country/pop genres. As a kid the only thing I heard about metal was the backmasking and the evil messages the songs contained. My parents were horrified by Madonna and Micheal Jackson. As an adult, my tastes lean more towards the country/pop genres. I do find metal interesting though, even though it's not my kind of music-I can appreciate the talent.

Now since watching those two episode's over at Tara and Jay's house, I'm a little curious who will win tonight on the season finale. How bout you? Tara and Jay like Dilana, and I admit, so did I. I like her voice-and call me judgemental, but the makeup this on guys is a bit of a turn off for me. Hmm. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Use the comments to let me know who you're rooting for! I mean, haven't the judges gotten over the comments that she made the press yet? Get over it, people.

We don't watch Canadian Idol, but the other night John was flipping through the channels and stopped right in the middle of Eva Avila's song. I was in the kitchen, and I literally put down what I was doing and came to see who the heck had that incredible voice. It was the finale show, where she and Craig Sharpe were battling it out.

I'm sorry fans of Craig, but to us there was no contest. None. It's not even remotely close by a long shot.

"Oh my God! Vote! She has to win! They're saying it was really close?" John and I were scrambling for the phone. Us, the people who have never watched a single Canadian Idol show, much less VOTE on them, were scrambling to write down numbers and dial the stupid phone so that it would go through. (you'd think they'd make this voting thing a little easier, but I'm a texting virgin and hadn't figured that out yet). It took a good hour before we finally got confirmation that we voted.

Then we sat and laughed at how silly it all seemed...but hey, I hope she wins. I'd buy her CD too.

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