Saturday, September 16, 2006

Out and About on a Sunny Saturday...

This afternoon we went to an open house hosted by an industrial business in the community. Wow! Was it ever fun!

There was a tour by school bus so that we could see how they do their day to day operations...don't ask what this is, it's a machine that processes rocks is all I know.

Then there was a large display of machinery like this truck. The kids had a fantastic time climbing all over them. Well, actually not just the kids, there were a lot of Dads in there too.

Kevin was especially impressed by this very large dumptruck. "Mom! The keys are in it!" (they were tied down ) I think it would have been difficult for anyone to quietly drive it away.
Although you never know who may just get some ideas......

As I snapped this one some little boy was yelling, "Don't you DARE drive it!" (lolololol)

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