Friday, September 08, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (not)

"Mom, Mrs. D said that I need new socks. And my black pens don't work. I also need 10 duotangs instead of the two on the school supply list, I may need a french/english dictionary even though I don't take French, and those spiral bound book things are a must. Oh ya. I also need a shoe box."

The above was our after school conversation yesterday.

Anyone else get a little annoyed by the whole "Back to School Shopping" event? It's like Christmas shopping. You have this list from the school, some things of which the school will love, others they will send back with a "we don't need this", and then other things that at the last minute will be added to the list. Some grades have the items even listed by brand, such as the "Spiral Bound Excretes lined notebooks" on Kevin's list this year. Excretes? What is that? And for the love of God, do you think that we could find them in our town, in the city, or even in the next province? No. By the way, the same thing was listed on his supply list last year, and when I sent generic spiral bound lined notebooks, they were all sent back with a "we don't need these, why are you sending them?".

At least I don't have to supply almost $20 in just glue sticks anymore like in grade one, but wouldn't you know that glue wasn't even on the list? I bought some anyway. At least in this grade they hopefully won't be losing the caps and letting it dry out, or eating it for a snack. Two should do for now, I'm guessing.

Just to make the whole shopping experience more like Christmas shopping, my darling husband demanded that we leave all back to school shopping until the last two days of our holiday. I'm not kidding. I tried, really I did, to buy some things ahead of time. I'm just that organized kinda gal-just like with Christmas shopping. But no, John, being true to form (and his version of shopping on the 23rd of December), was adamant. So picture John and I with Kevin and our poor hosts in tow, going through an already picked over school supply section in a department store of an unfamiliar city. I admit I dissolved into full blown bitchiness almost immediately. He didn't get it that with back to school, you must buy early or nothing is left, and that many stores raise their prices days before school starts to get the suckers that didn't shop early enough. He had pulled rank with the "but I've been a parent longer then you!" thing. Um...sweetie? Sorry to break it to you, but it's been a good 20 years since then, and you've never bought Kevin school supplies even once. Times have a'changed, darling.

On that trip, he was in charge of finding the backpack. Which I thought was fine until yesterday.

"Mom, this back pack doesn't fit" Kevin tries to hoist the thing back up onto his shoulders. It's obviously too big and keeps falling off. I try to adjust it, with no luck. "I kept telling Dad it didn't fit, but he just shoved it into the cart."

*sigh* Maybe he'll grow into it.

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