Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day Jitters

Kevin had the First Day of School Jitters this morning. I tried to be patient, really I did. I try to tell myself that here is a child that went through a few hellish years, who is learning disabled and has sensory integration issues, and who genuinely hates school. The honest truth though is that even though he does have some issues, there comes a time where the babying stops and he needs to suck it up.

This was one of those mornings.

"I'M NOT GOING!" he yelled, as he crawled under the covers and refused to move. Did I yell? No. I vacuumed. Now before you think I've lost my mind, let me tell you that to Kevin the sound of the vacuum is akin to nails on a chalkboard. He hates it. And it was just the thing to get him out of bed. Bingo. I got to his room and he was up and out of bed in an instant.

"I'M NOT GOING!!" he yelled louder. I took away his blankets.

"I'M NOT GOING!!" he stomped, threw things, and sulked. "You know Mom, they are mean to me there. Once I got in trouble because I took too long in the bathroom. They are worse then the really, really bad school!" (Kevin went to a school a few years ago that was so awful we pulled him out and homeschooled instead)

I stopped. My child has learned to play the system. Sure, for a lot of years there things were bad, but I know this school is good. He thrived there last year. This was a typical "I don't want to go and so I'm going to bring up every small transgression that happened over the last year to get out of it." I have to get control quickly-you see, I work for the school district as well, and soon these morning tantrums will cut into my "getting to work" time and make me late or worse, miss work altogether. Not going to happen. This is not a case of school being nasty to him. This is a case of "I don't want to go because they'll make me work and I hate it...and you can't make me."

So I drew myself up to full height, and my best Mom voice announced that school wasn't optional. I then gave him a choice. Go to school, or risk his favorite toys being removed from his room. The cable to his tv being disconnected (and him having to pay the money to re-connect it), and the stereo being donated to charity. I am so not playing this game.

He got ready and I just dropped him off at school, and I bet he'll be a happy little guy the entire time he's there with no hint of the screaming fit he had this morning.

And so the hellish school mornings begin. I miss summer already.

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