Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Details, details

At the moment Jake is having a particularly hard time adjusting to grade six. It's the same old thing of new teachers, and trying to educate them about the intricacies of educating such a complicated kid before said kid becomes completely unglued. Jake has been keeping it together at school but then has a meltdown at home. Every. Freaking. Day. So in an attempt to keep myself sane I thought I'd try to look at the lighter side. We DO have a strange house, I'll give you that. Take a look at just how interesting it gets here...and we're not even touching on the gifted/ld stuff...

Having a child (and husband) with sensory sensitivities means....

-they can hear the ice cream truck 2 miles away, listen to a car and tell you what isn't working, but can't stand the sound of the fridge

-gum is practically a food group. Polar Ice Extra for Hubs, Orange Extra for Jake. Nothing else.

-if there's even one slightly nasty smelling sock or towel anywhere in the house, your husband will open every window and door to air the house out, febreze everything in sight, and complain that the house reeks. And God help you if you have bad breath or are sweaty.

-all cleaning products must be scented with orange or not at all. No floral scents. This goes for shampoo and hairsprays, and perfumes or scented lotions are an absolute no way.

-your child craves variety in his food and incredibly spicy/hot/sour things like pickled eggs, pesto, and hot sauce, while your husband eats the same damn bland food EVERY single day (and hates just about everything)

-they wear their socks inside out because the seams bother them-and the socks must be Hanes.

-they will only use a very specific brand and flavor of soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. Different for each of them, of course.

-there are no pictures on your walls and few knicknacks because they find it distracting, and walls are white or cream (other colors too stimulating)

-music is fine in the car, but otherwise drives Jake crazy. Alternatively, my husband doesn't like music at all. (edited to add: We have discovered though that an Mp3 does wonders in the classroom. Who would've guessed?)

-blankets must be not too hot, not too itchy, and have just the right amount of softness. The softness can only be determined by each of them touching the blanket. Jake likes flannel and polar fleece, Hubs likes cotton. In specific colors of course

-fireworks are great to watch. On TV or very far away . Or...well...Jake has a near nervous breakdown. It's not pretty, trust me.

-rocks are kept in Jake's pockets, backpack, and he doesn't feel them in his shoes. Hubs, on the other hand, doesn't go barefoot and can't even stand to wear sandals without socks. Hanes white socks. Stop laughing. I know it looks ridiculous.

-movies are best on the DVD player, theaters are too loud (although Jake loves the TV volume cranked up high, Hubs likes it so low I can barely hear it)

-Jake must have jewelry to fiddle with or something in his hands all the time, John can't even wear his wedding band. Although, Hubs always fiddles with coins in his pockets.

-shopping must be done at lightening speed to avoid the crowds, or I go by myself.

-Jake loves to have his teeth worked on (I think that is just weird!) and Hubs avoids the dentist like the plague

-I get to explain the disorder to some people, but dismiss the ignorant comments like "Oh, he'll grow out of it"

-Some sensitivities lessen, only to have new ones appear

-explaining to schools for the ten millionth time that a classroom full of kids is sensory torture and your kid's behavior is not willful, but survival....and to people that you don't cater to your husband nor is he picky

-giving long, firm hugs is an absolute necessity. For both of them. The rest, really, is just details.

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