Saturday, September 23, 2006

All Hail the Cookie Queen

Saturday is the day where typically I sleep late, lounge and drink coffee, and blog. Some of the perks of having only one kid is that when they are older, they can take care of themselves a little more. Although Kevin still comes by every 3 minutes to ask a question.

"Moooomm....where's the bowls?"
"Moommmm...can I eat my cereal on the porch?"
"Moooom...where is my book?"
"Mooom....where are we going shoppping today? Can we buy pickles? Then how about bagels from Tim Hortons? Oh, it's too far to drive? Then how about other bagels? I love bagels. Especially cinnamon raisin. And cream cheese. We MUST buy cream cheese."

You get my drift.

Saturday is also the day that I bake cookies. Otherwise my husbands lower lip sticks out and he's following me around asking,

"Where's the cookies? When are you going to bake cookies? I'd really like some cookies, you know." He swears by my chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. He doesn't even care if they are stale, he'll still happily munch on them. Kevin and I prefer them fresh out of the oven. But seriously, these two must have cookies. It's addiction at it's finest. Me, well, after the two that I always eat hot from the oven, I don't even touch them.

So here I am today-finished my grocery shopping and surrounded by chocolate, oatmeal, brown sugar, eggs, cinnamon, and flour. The kitchen smells heavenly and feels all warm and homey. You know it's funny...I like cookies, but I like baking them more. There's something about pulling a hot pan of chocolatey cookies baked to perfection out of the oven, and seeing Kevin and John sneak into the kitchen and run off with a few that warms my heart.

Cookies are made with butter and love~ Norwegian Proverb

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