Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Works For Me! Sorta.

As I'm surfing around reading other blogs this morning, I've noticed that my friend Mrs.Darling posted a "Works for me Wednesday" thing about housecleaning.

Let's be honest here. I hate housecleaning. If I was rich and got to hire someone to work for me, a housekeeper would get the job, hands down. Especially the bathrooms. I really, really hate cleaning bathrooms. Once we lived in a 2300 square foot house with three bathrooms. Our ensuite was incredible-two sinks, a huge double shower, and large jaquzzi tub. I loved the house, but cleaning those big, beautiful bathrooms was a chore. Now whenever we drive around the richer parts of town and drool over the houses, I keep thinking..."Ya...4000 square feet and how many bathrooms?"

Don't get me wrong-my house is clean. However, if I can pawn those bathrooms off on anyone, I'm so there. For some reason I haven't been able to convince anyone in this house that cleaning the bathrooms is worth their while, so for now I'm stuck with it.

So, you may be wondering...what's her point here? Does she have any "Works for me Wednesday" tips? Ahh...I can think of one. A few months ago Kevin left an entire double pack of Extra gum in his pants, which somehow made it through the washer and the dryer before I noticed. It was a big sticky mess. Clumps of it were stuck to the inside of the dryer, just waiting for more clothes to stick to. I was worried about getting the stuff off the inside of the dryer and tried various techniques. Heating up the dryer to get the gum soft, and then scrubbing with plain old dishwashing soap, water, and a toothbrush did the trick. Who knew?

Not that any of you put a whole pack of gum through your dryer, could happen.

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