Saturday, August 05, 2006

Notes to Self on Disneyland

1. Children who ride the Tower of Terror may never ride an elevator again.

2.Children with sensory integration issues will find the fireworks completely and utterly overwhelming, resulting in a nervous breakdown in the middle of a sardine like crowd of people and you having to bribe them with an expensive item to return to the park the next day.

3. Sitting behind a large person on a water ride ensures that they, not you, get soaked.

4. Visit the washroom before standing in line for a water ride

5. John's age and wisdom don't really count here, nor do amount of times having previously visited Disney. Ignore current advice on when to find a spot to watch the fireworks at your own peril.

6. Stroller wielding Mamas are to be avoided at all costs if you value your toes and want to leave with your shins intact.

7. All families in the LA area take their kids to Disney as a final broha ha just before school starts. Be prepared for crowds equal to the population of Vancouver, BC.

8. Ice cream cones are not only giant sized, but make a delicious supper

9. After making your child cry by taking them on Tower of Terror, the Muppet show is a perfect place to revive them.

10. Never, ever, wear a short, swingy skirt and forget to check it occasionally because it could result in you accidentally flashing your butt to thousands of people on Mainstreet USA.

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