Saturday, August 19, 2006

Notes from the Road Trip

We're on holidays, and yet I have been able to find a computer to post a short update! I can't believe it!

Our holiday so far has been completely fantastic. In the last week we've driven over 3000 km, stayed in 4 different hotels and seen 6 states. This country is amazing. The people that we have met have been the friendliest, warmest people I have ever encountered.

So far we have taken in:

The Bonneville Salt Flats and Speed week in Wendover, UT. This was a complete fluke, since we didn't know that it was speed week, and happened to arrive just as it was starting. We even met a friendly guy from Idaho with a hot rod that took each of us for a spin out on the salt flats! We got to see the cars racing out there, and to be honest, just being on the salt flats is cool. Man, is that ever nasty country. Hot, salty, dry, hard, and brighter then snow on a winter day. But what an experience!

Next was Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah. Beautiful country! Absolutely breathtaking...and very, very, hot. We did a little hiking out to various arches and saw some jackrabbits, lizards, and pronghorn deer as well as petroglyphs. In Moab we took in a Hummer and ATV tour, both of which were soooooo much fun. On the Hummer tour our in Hell's Revenge, we recieved an unexpected treat-a thunderstorm broke right over top of us, releasing torrents of rain! We watched as the rain produced a small flash flood-we were very safe, but did get out of there as fast as possible when the lightening struck only a short distance behind the Hummer. Wayyyyyy too close for comfort! So far Moab was our favorite town to stay in-the people were so friendly, especially the staff at the Moab Diner, you'd think we had been adopted as locals.

Next is Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. Again, very beautiful! We hiked out to the ruins and encountered a lot of wildlife. Kevin was thrilled to be learning about ancient civilizations. I admit that we are trying to slow down a little because our pace has been a bit too much for all of us. So we are learning to just play around in the hotel pools, catch a movie, and go to the park. We have really had a wonderful time though, picked up some great souveniers, and are really enjoying ourselves. I have already gone through three rolls of film and will have to post the best pictures when I come home.

Onward to the next stop! We'll fill you in when (or if) I find another computer. For now, I'm off to get a coffee and then play in the hotel pool. Maybe sleep. Ohhhh I love holidays!

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