Sunday, August 20, 2006

More Notes From the Road

Some things that we have learned so far....

*Not all of those tourist maps are really accurate (we ended up going 75 miles out of our way for a National Monument we likely would've skipped if we knew was that far off the highway)
*Southwestern food is spicy
*'chile' is actually salsa (haven't tried green chile yet but we plan to)
*buying junk food is an adventure because we don't recognize a thing
*all the money here looks the same (I hate $1 bills)
*talking to the locals has provided us with some of the best travel experiences
*coastal people become raisins in the dry heat here
*thunderstorms are sudden, full of lightening, and can cause flash floods in only minutes (like in our parking lot today, we came back from dinner to find about 3 inches of water)
*chapstick, water bottles, and a good moisturizer are a must!
*Country music seems to be really popular
*some American accents are really, really hard to understand
*some souveniers are made in Canada
*we decided that if we ever win the lottery we'd buy a winter home in Moab
*Kevin decided that when he grows up he wants to go back to Moab and mountain bike the Slickrock trail.

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