Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hilarious Happy Meals

There I was, innocently surfing through blogs, when I came upon my friend Kelly's latest post. In the beginning, I was thinking..."ya, at least you HAD Happy Meals and a McDonalds". I grew up in rural Canada, where we didn't even have a McDonalds (I was so deprived). Ours was an hour away on a highway, and the priviledge of going was right up there with birthday parties and other special events. Ditto with Pizza Hut and the public pool. I grew up without the experience of Happy Meals. (okay, I confess that as a child I detested McDonalds and refused to eat whenever we did go)

Never mind that when we drove by her town last summer, there was a McD's at every turn. We even play a game now when we go to the States...count the McDonalds (and Wal-marts too)

Then I scrolled down and read what she said about the included toy, and I almost spit my tea all over the computer screen.

(By the way Kel, you owe me a new keyboard)

Go. Read. She's a funny girl, that friend of mine.

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