Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Gone To the Dogs

I have to admit, when I first met my stepdaughters dogs, I was a tad bit intimidated. You see, she breeds Great Danes. Yes, I can see you nodding now. Most people, once given that information either nod knowingly or gasp. "Three? She has three??"

Yep. I am the proud grandma of three giant sized doggies. And expecting a fourth in January-a girl!

Admittedly, I'm not a dog person. Much like how people feel about loving other people's kids, I love other people's dogs. My size of dog is the tiny ones, like "Bruiser" on the movie "Legally Blonde". I can't convince John to get one though, no matter how hard I try. Maybe one day.

Tara's dogs are so hilarious...and often I'm struck by how much dogs are like having kids. This morning, all three came bounding up the stairs and ran around as if to say, "out? Out? Can we go out?" Helmut barked-a no no, so she let Ali and Deitrech outside and Helm had to stay in. The ensuing behavior was so comical. He retreated to the couch, curled up, and looked at her with an expression that clearly said, "I'm sorry Mommy-can I pleeeeeassssse go out? Please? I'll be good!"

Helmut gets up from the couch and runs to Jay, nuzzling against him and asking for kisses. Tara smiles at him but he completely ignores her and goes back to sulking. Somehow I totally remember stuff like this when Kevin was little, and it makes John and I giggle.

"So instead of grand kids, we have grand dogs." John quips (which, quite honestly, is perfectly fine with us).

Jay grins-"and you're welcome. You don't have to babysit these guys. We just kennel them."
Hmm...somehow I do think we got the best part of the deal...we get to play with these large furry guys and then give them back-doggie bones and all. :)

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