Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Frustrations in Grocery shopping

"Cookies? Where's the cookies?" John frowns and begins rooting through the cupboards. "Didn't you make cookies?"

We are leaving for a three week holiday in only days, and the man wants me to bake cookies. At first I protest. I hold my ground. I have so many important things to do, like pack, do laundry, secure travel insurance, and go to the bank. Just finding Kevin a duffel bag for his clothes took all day. Who has time for baking?

But the look on his face-those sad, sweet eyes, made me cave last night. So I got out the butter and sugar, and almost began making the cookies. Until I discovered that there weren't enough chocolate chips. Cookie baking had to be postponed, because what's chocolate chip oatmeal without the chocolate? And nobody better suggest raisins. Not going to happen.
He sat and ate the chocolate chips while he watched tv instead, content knowing that the cookies would be on their way the next day.

So now it's the next morning and I haven't gotten to the store for the chocolate chips yet. I'm still in my pjs, drinking coffee, reading blogs. I plan to clean the bathrooms and I have an appointment this afternoon. He'll be home in an hour and a half for lunch, and even though our home is pitifully low on food...he won't care as long as there's cookies. You see, I'm clearing out the fridge so I don't have a big rotten mess when we come home, which is good in theory, but has become somewhat comical when we have tried to figure out what to eat. Right now we are down to toast or peanut butter sandwhiches. I tried to buy some things yesterday, but had no luck. But the problem is, there won't be cookies! At least not until later today. Oops.

Grocery shopping in our town is an extreme sport. If you want to save money, you really have to pay attention. Gone are the blissful days of living in a town with a Wal-mart. We keep eyeing a large empty space in town where construction is happening, and hoping that a Wal-mart will magically appear. No such luck. Groceries here are 30-40% more then they are in the city, with the prices fluctuating wildly from week to week. It's insane. A bag of Craisins can be bought for as little as $2.50 or as high as $5.79. Cereal can range anywhere from $3.50 to $7.89 for the same sized box. And the worst thing? You have to be fast. Forget waiting around here when the fliers come out because everyone in town (all 9000 of them) will flock to the store with the sale and buy three of the item in question. If you innocently take your cart and peruse through the store later in the week or after a long weekend, every single freakin' space on the shelf where there was something on sale will be empty. It's like a natural disaster was about to hit and everyone just cleaned out the store. And don't even TRY to buy school supplies or clothes for your kids, it's impossible. Going in a Walmart is just like heaven for me, everything is there, things are totally cheap compared to at home, and there's tons of selection! Whooo hoo! I have to restrain myself from buying everything in sight.

So now this afternoon I'm on the hunt for chocolate chips. Wish me luck. :)

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