Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dyslexic Discipline

I can't resist. It's a bad habit-a friend of mine used to always laugh at me, because I always inevitably say "Oh before I go I just have to tell you this..."

We are ready early. Is it a miracle? I think just good planning on our part, but we have at least an hour and a half before we need to leave. The car is packed, the flowers watered, the hot water heater is turned down. We are ready for the road, baby.

So I was making us lunch, and there's Kevin-bouncing around in his chair chatting and singing away with excitement. He's really, really thrilled that we are finally going. So much so that it's beginning to drive us crazy. John finally gets up to make coffee and while his back is turned Kevin begins to get out of hand. Suddenly his sugar snap peas are flying around the clean kitchen, and he's getting just a tad wild.

"Children should be heard and not seen." John comments. It sounds a little odd. We all stop what we're doing and look at him. I begin to snicker. Then giggle. Pretty soon, the three of us are all laughing out loud. It is fairly common for John to mix up sayings like that ("children should be seen and not heard"), but sometimes it catches us by surprise. John never really means the old adage and Kevin knows it. What makes it so funny, is Kevin can always be heard. That boy never stops talking, even in his sleep. It's when we can't hear him that there's a problem and he's done something like dismantled a pile of toys with a screwdriver or flushed something down the toilet.

Fortunately dyslexia hasn't messed with John's sense of direction or we'd be in big trouble on this vacation.

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