Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Almost home

Almost home!

We are back in Canada. Back to the land of colored money, Tim Hortons, and where we aren't made fun of for the way we say "south". Not quite home yet though..instead we took a detour to visit family.

After a marathon 2 day drive from Tucson, Az we arrived back in Canada yesterday at around 7 pm. Immediately after crossing the border, we stopped to stretch our legs and Kevin was practically kissing the dirt. Then turned to me..."do we have to go home?". Oh to have money and be perpetually on vacation! I think that instead of constantly wishing to win the lottery, we should actually begin to buy tickets.

And, to make things even cooler, my stepdaughter gave us an old digital camera of hers...so now I can actually post photos without having to use my dinosaur camera! Whoo hoo!

See you all soon....

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