Friday, July 07, 2006

So...Why the Hell do you Blog, Anyway?

I've been poking around the net, reading other people's blogs in the evening these days. I came across a post somewhere (I can't remember where) that had a bit of a rant going. The author said that the trend nowadays amoung Mommies who blog is "who can be the most popular". Like in high school, except who can get the most recognition for their writing and then flaunt it. Her attitude was that she didn't want to play that game and as soon as she got bored of her blog, *poof* she's stop. Then she went onto say why she began to blog in the first place.

So it got me to thinking. Did I start blogging, hoping that some editor may see my writing and beg me to author a book? Do I care really if I'm asked to contribute to some blog that gains recognition by editors, magazines, etc? I won't lie, I think in the beginning I had that thought run around in my head for awhile. I also love getting comments from friends, be they met-on-the-internet ones, ones from or last home town, or ones from years gone by. However, I don't need constant validation and approval to blog. Quite simply, I blog because I love to write.

I have been writing since I was about six years old. It began with pen pals, graduated to creative writing in high school, and moved onto e-mail. Writing is as much a part of my life as breathing. I remember writing long and fabulous letters to friends and boyfriends when I really should have been studying or paying attention in school. (which I know some of my readers remember) Even now as an adult, I often write while I watch tv. Blogging simply is a way to get that creative part of me fulfilled, and darn it-if it entertains someone, that's great. It also is a fantastic way for us to keep in touch with the tons of friends that are from the 3 or 4 previous communities that my little family has lived in. Do I hope that one day I could be a famous author or columnist? Sure. I've lived and breathed books and writing my entire life, so it would truly be a case of loving what I do. Is that the only reason I blog? Nope.

I also blog because as a Mom, wife, and Special Ed teacher's assistant, I am always giving myself to others. I take care of everyone else's needs, to the point where often I forget my own. Sometimes in the midst of the laundry, groceries, work, and child care I forget that I need to speak up for my own needs. Blogging reminds me to think about me for a change-without a shred of guilt that I really should be doing something else, like vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom. (okay, I'll admit I'm guilty sometimes for blogging instead of doing stuff I hate, but hey, I'm human) So why do I blog?

Simply put, I blog because I love it. Period.

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